Research Management

Everywhere where scientific research is done, like universities and hospitals, there is a need for research management.

The best way to streamline the research management workflow and monitoring is to use the Collectiony Research Management System.

The Collectiony Research Management System supports the Science Office by providing the following features:

  • Available as web-based application and app (iOS & Android, see image below)
  • GDPR (AVG) compliant
  • Have all data in one place
  • Extensive search and filter possibilities
  • Fully integrated communication workflow
  • Integrated help system including all rules and regulations
  • Check if the information is complete
  • Check if the user is certified (GCP, BROK etc.)
  • Monitor workflow
  • Monitor planning
  • Automatic system data checks and reports
  • Full featured e-mail client
  • E-mail audits
  • Audit trail
  • Data management
  • Statistical Data Analysis & Reports (see the last 10 images below)