Simple CMS

There are a lot of website CMS systems out there and most of them can do great things. However, managing content and thus keeping the website up to date can be quite a hassle. It often involves technical and aesthetic skills, not available to all.

This has lead to a complete different approach to create another kind of website content management system which resulted in Simple CMS.
As the name states: it is simple to use, but don't be mislead by the name, it can still do great things!

The end user does not need any special skills to keep the website up to date. The system does a lot of work for you. It is even possible to mail articles with images and documents to the CMS which are published automatically.

A list of possibilities:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Add images with automatic pop-ups
  • Add videos audio, documents, virtual tours, maps etc.
  • Maintain a calendar/agenda
  • Easy to create slide shows
  • Add contact forms
  • Add cross-references to other pages
  • URLs and e-mail addresses are automatically converted to hyperlinks
  • Articles with images and attachments can be mailed to the CMS and will be published automatically